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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does it start?

Play starts at 7pm so we need some time to get people checked in and to the proper place. If you are not there by 7:00 then your spot could be given to someone on the waitlist. We will do our best to have the food and water there by 6:45 if you would like to come early and socialize.

How much does it cost and what does it cover?

The cost is $15 to cover the court fees, balls, water, and snacks.

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash only.

Do I need a partner to sign up?

No. You will be assigned a partner to start with and then will rotate partners as we go.

What does it mean to be on the waitlist?

The space for these events tends to fill up quickly and I strongly encourage people to sign up for the waitlist! People inevitably have to cancel and if you are on the waitlist then I can immediately let you know of any openings. 

People who are on the waitlist are more than welcome to come out on the day of the event and have some snacks and socialize with everyone before the event and if someone isn't there by 7:05 then I can give those spots to people on the waitlist. (at 7:10 the spot would be given away even if they have called to say they are running late) 

What happens if it looks like rain?

Please check this site for updates if the weather is looking bad or you can call DTC at 404 327 8855. If it gets canceled I'll also send out an email to everyone that signed up and I'll try and update the website.

If it rains during the event then the logistics of giving everyone a cash refund are not possible. But if it rains before play begins then people will be given a voucher to participate in their next Round Robin for free. If it Rains before 8pm then people will get $10 off of their next one. 

Will people be going out for drinks afterward?

I am hoping this is a rhetorical question... of course people will be going out for drinks afterward! After the tennis is done we will be heading somewhere for drinks. Normally we go to Red Pepper Taqueria but we are always looking for other locations that can handle a group our size. We generally have at least 25 people who go out for drinks afterward. 

What are the Drills courts?

There are 2 courts of drills run by a tennis pro at DTC and are a good fit for people who want to get a bit more practice in or who may not be able to make it to DTC by 7:00. The reason we have drills courts is to help with the even number problem for the Round Robin so if we have a last minute cancellation then we will take people off of the drills court and put them into the Round Robin if necessary. The cost of the drills is $25 for 2 hours. If you are OK with moving to the Round Robin if we need someone to even up numbers then the cost is just $15. 

Will the round robin be seeded based on skill level?

Yes. I will use people's ALTA and K-swiss ratings to try to place them on a court with players who are at comparable skill levels. And as the rounds go on the stronger players will move up which should help you quickly find competitive matches while still facing a variety of players. Because of How ALTA does their ratings there is a large amount of guesswork involved in placing people that I haven't seen play so hopefully as I meet more of you i can do a better job. 

The Round Robin is for intermediate and advanced players. We simply haven't had enough beginners sign up to ensure balanced play across all levels. 

How does the round robin work?

A Round Robin is a format that lets you play with a series of partners over the course of the night. How it works is that you will be assigned a partner to start with whom you will play for the next 15 minutes. After the whistle blows if you are leading then you and your partner both move up a court, and if you are behind then both you and your partner move down a court. Once at the new court, you and your partner would split so you will now play against them. 2 new players will be joining your new court and you would repeat the process. So over the course of the 2 hours, you will play with several new partners. This enables us to accommodate a wide range of skill levels where we can provide everyone competitive matches.

Why no-ad scoring?

Due to the short timeframe on all of the rotations we will go with no-ad scoring to make sure that one person doesn't serve the whole time! If you get to deuce, then there will be just one more point to decide the game. The serve would be gender to gender. If there are 2 people of the same gender on the team, then the receiving team will decide which player receives the deciding point. If there is tie when the whistle blows then you will play one more point to decide which team moves up, and once again the serve would be gender to gender.

I reserved a spot but my plans changed and I need to cancel.

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let me know.

I have a question not answered here.

Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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