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Register for the Friday's Round Robin at Dekalb Tennis Center!

The Round Robin is currently full! Please sign up for the waitlist and I'll text you if space becomes available. 

The next Round Robin will be held Friday, August 22nd from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Dekalb Tennis Center. We will be focusing on intermediate and advanced players. Basically anyone who regularly plays in ALTA, USTA, or Ultimate Tennis would be considered and intermediate player rather than a beginner.

The cost is $15 which includes snacks, water, balls, and court fees. The Round Robin is now BYOB due to changes in policy with Universal tennis Management.

Play will start promptly at 7:00 and if you are not there by the time it starts your spot could be given to someone on the waitlist! (If there are people waiting its not enough to call!) Please come down early and have a drink or get some extra hitting in!

Please go to the FAQ for more information! If you don't get a confirmation email from me within 24 hours then PLEASE send me an email!

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Male or Female? *
What level ALTA, USTA, or Kswiss do you play? *
If you won at least 5 of your 6 rotations at the last Round Robin please tell me your starting and Finishing courts so I can try and start you higher up this time.
Other information or questions?
Who referred you to the Round Robin?
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updated daily...            

Dan Grupp Teddy Dienst Kremena Vassileva  Beth Pann 
Will Beck Andy Sklarin Aylin Seyalioglu Kelly Webb
Eric Whitworth Aaron Whitworth Celia Dayagi Jessica McGowan
Jeremy Weinberger Denis O'Hare Tracy Sklarin Victoria Lemieux
Andy McClatchey Graham Wheeler Cassidy Foley Jessica Lamothe
John Frierson Ralph Babb Lori Brown Beth Lacey
Merrill Draluck  Joe Weissinger Amber Ream Cori Snelson
Jim Zeigler Mitch Turner Lindsay Hulburt Tara McGowan
Alexander Boll Christoph Boll Sonja Boll Betsy Bertram
Panos Menelaou Linh Le Kiki Wai Agata Niedzwiecki
Stas Christiansen Marcus Lowe Ellen Forbes Kelsey Surbaugh
Butch Kranz Oliver Randall Jennifer Johnston Aliza Rodgers 
Alex Brown Kevin Rodgers Hallie Epperson Susan Kenny
Pick Up Tennis ($5)
Hank Escobal  Sandeep Yadav
John Gerard  Jesse Tilly 
Chris Knight
Alex Carter Susan Hawk
Joseph Perry
Dan Reynolds
David Miller

The Round Robin is currently full! Please sign up for the waitlist and I'll text you if space becomes available.